Sunday, September 27, 2009

I am alone, but Allah will have mercy

I know I'm heard, I feel ill with fear.
I bow with knowledge, the end is near.

I think of Qiamat, my heart just hurts.

what can I expect to witness first?
where will I go?....who will I be...

when the angel of death comes seeking me?
what can I say, to justify all?

right now I am feeling incredibly small.

no one can help me, no one can stand...

take all of the blame, or even take hold of my hand.
I am alone, but Allah will have mercy.

for he let's me drink when I am so thirsty.
He feeds me life, and has always given me ease,

given me roads and doors with their keys.

I have always come out okay in the end.

when I realized Islam was my
only true friend.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

boleh saya berhenti berfikir untuk sejenak?

sangat penat memikirkan perihal manusia..........
tetapi saya juga seorang manusia...

i just love this moment......mahu bersama mereka selalu...
i sayangggg you!!