Friday, April 17, 2009

birthday wishes from my family!

thanks to my kakak who sent this birthday wishes via mms.... onish pon onish laa....huuuu

anyah sent this mms - birthday wish from yayat yg botak..with his cute face ( mama die punya la bersungguh2 buat aksi monkey sbb nak suruh die senyum..haha)

and the last one came from Anti Jah wuooooo!!..( motif gamba ini masih belum dikenal pasti,whether she want to wish me or to show her new tudung..hmmm..)

the 17th april.....

this is my first present for my birthday (i think that's only i got for my birthday)...thanks dear!!...u always put a smile on my face...ikhlas tapi jauh kan??..hehe...i'll keep this voucher till i meet you...

ermm..actually mcm sedih je nak sambut 17april tahun ni..ntah la...sayu je..i hate my birthday this year,,far away from my family,my best buddy,my miracle and i'm sooo far away from my very own strenght.....sori anyah+diyat+abg ain..bkn xnk celebrate dgn korang sume tapi ade assignment yg perlu dihantar pada pagi hari jadiku..huhuhu...berat gile hati nk blk melaka smlm..tah dear cik hajar,kalau aku tukar voucher tu jadi tiket blk sungai petani boleh tak?? damn teringin nak blk kedah!!!...tapi apekan daya...harus digagahkan juga hati ini untuk bertahan sendiri..fuhh..oni kuat!!! big gurl dont cry!! ='(

Saturday, April 11, 2009

the "stress" week is over!!

me and suraya after the presentation and the test! ( mcm lecturer dan pengetua sekolah je..hahaha)...we were sooo relieved...
now its the time to rest and focus for your final exam..
no more assignment and more test and no more no more...lalalala...

diyat botak!

lolipop tu memainkan peranan yg amat penting utk memujuk yayat agar bertenang ketika proses membotakkan kepalanye....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


miss this "noncen" boy!!!!

kad matrix yg telah usang dimamah usia...huhu...smlm dah buat clearance dkt Alor gajah..inilah hasilnye..kad matrix dicantas!...haha

the dinner

the dinner was held on the 1st of april tapi baru sekarang sempat nk upload pictures because this week is soooo damn busy..huhu..
the food still not patient!!

with Puan Nora dan baby yg mungkin keluar bile2 masa dari sekarang...heheh

ahli2 meja yg bertuah bersama hamper yg dimenangi...haha..miss aida ditenggelami oleh manusia2 yg keriangan ni....ade plak si azam ni nk interframe...

me with wawa..muke cam nak nanges sbb lapar sgt kot...heheh

suke gile gamba ni..sume org huru hara...hahaha..mane muke jan?..jeng3....

Saturday, April 4, 2009


At the beach would you rather play in the sand, or play in the water?
i will prefer to play in the sand and snap a lotsss of pictures!

Do you like curly hair or straight hair?
straight and silky hair..hahaha

Do you untie your shose when you take them off?
yupp.i think so..

What is the one, single food that you would never give up?
Mcd's french fries...

What do you think is the most useless class in high school?
English for Science n is just the same with the english subject..buat ape susah2 belajar byk kali...aiyoh..

Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap?

Wet the toothbrush or brush dry with the toothpaste?
wet the toothbrush

Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?

Last person you argued with?
i cant remember laaa...ade ke?

tv show you secretly enjoy?
secretly?...xde kot...

tagged from haynee lagi...

new tag

Movies or TV?

What sort of a life partner do you expect?

If you were granted three wishes from an angel or genie what would you want?
i wish i have more wishes!..haha

Which is your favourite cartoon character?
pingu! not not!

What is favorite fantasy?
me travelling with my favourite friends in my private jet...fuiyohh...

Which is the one romance depicted in the movies that you would want to experience in your life?fly with the most handsome vampire in the jungle!...hahah

What is the one thing that you have done in your life that you would want to undo?
put my trust on someone....

Describe yourself in a single sentence?

What would you do if your partner cheated on you?
say "thank you for hurting me"

If you could travel back in time and meet yourself as a 10 year old kid what advice would you want to give him/her?
make ur parents proud of u...