Tuesday, March 31, 2009

what more can i say???

saya dan teman2 rapat saye sgt suka pergi kelas walaupon kelas mlm..heee

1) posing bersama teman2 rapat di dpn maybank..waktu ni tgh tunggu Miss Joe withdraw duit..miss blanje kitorang mkn mlm tu..cayalah miss!...
2) oni posing bersama beg barunye..heee...thanks to haynee yg cantek sbb belikan beg tu..best choice! love it sooo much..

Sunday, March 29, 2009

tagged by haynee yg cantek

1. which one more handsome, brad pitt or tom cruise?
johnny deep!

2. Favourite song to sing at the karaoke?
dont wanna miss a thing..haha

3. your current favourite movie?
twilight jgk!..haha..and slumdog millionaire

4.what song do you listen when driving?
i'll listen to the radio

5. what day did you hate the most for this week?
the day u went away...heee

6. What the first thing you eat today?
toasted bread

7. continue your word with "IF....."
If i were you....

8. shoes or bag....which one you like the most?

9. Country you always wanted to go?

10. If you are angelina jolie...who would you date?
i dont wanna be angelina jolie..haha

Saturday, March 28, 2009


started the day with a breakfast with all my housemates..roti bakar ala2 hangus sedikit..heee...tapi tetap membahagiakan...haha..semua org bgn awl woo pagi ni walaupon mlm b4 tu tdo pkol 3pg...sbenarnye terjaga awl pagi sbb perut sakit sgt2 sbb masuk angin..mlm td tdo dlm kelaparan yg amat sgt..huuuu

the evening : went to Alor gajah with Badrul...yeay!..our hero today...
haynee baru lepas blanje kitorang mkn ni..die dpt "special reward" dr lecturer..cayalah!...

fuhh..glamor abes masa masuk dewan tadi..seminar tu sampai berenti sekejap sbb nk welcoming kitorang yg dijemput khas ni..haha..poyo je..miss joe!..maintain cute eh..xsempat nk posing gaya rock ngn miss tadi..hehe..adik2 junior ku yg berada di Lendu..sila belajar rajin2 ye..hehehe...

Earth Hour with my buddy!

yeay!!.dah berjaya swicth off the light for an hour..YDP blok suruh tutup kipas sekali..huhu..tidaklah sanggup utk melakukan itu..tutup lampu je mampu...what did u do in the dark for an hour?...i had a date with my dear cik hajar ..haha..dating on9 in the dark...thanks dear!..mish u sooo much!...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

black and white

All in black!!

the star-head...hehe
letely..i'm sooo attracted to the black and white!!..dan tibe2 baru ku sedari most of my stuff are in black..hehehe...

pictures of the day!!

first daily routine :
take pictures with those gurls! :)

second daily routine :
third daily routine :

tambah gelaran baru utk haynee yg cantek...haha

fourth daily routine :
go to the library
sampai la dpt flu+demam...

Monday, March 23, 2009

who would u blame?

who would u blame when you,
have to travel all alone,
go shopping without anyone by ur side,
eat ur favourite fastfood with u and ur self,
have to walk and there's no one to accompany u
saw ur favourite thing but u have no one to share with,
stare at the stars and hoping for a miracle to happen,
want to talk but no one can hear u,
wanna cry but no one seems to care,
cant sleep at night and feel soo damn lonely,
wanna scream but u feel like there's something stuck in ur throat ,
wanna move on but u still get back to the same place all over again..

i will blame myself for all the grieve and pain....

Weekend with Yayat!

tujuan saye meletak gamba byk2 ni adalah untuk menimbulkan rasa iri hati kpd Anti jah wooo!!..nyok ni nyok ni!..yayat saw sooo many otis... seketul adiyat dan beberapa ketul otis didlm tasik...haha

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the tuesday night!

oni with her favourite milo ice "tabur"

"super oni"
"super suraya"

The Earth Hour

1,508 cities and towns in 80 countries have already committed to VOTE EARTH for Earth Hour 2009, as part of the worlds first global election between Earth and global warming. VOTE EARTH by simply switching off your lights for one hour, and join the world for Earth Hour.
Saturday, March 28, 8:30-9:30pm.

i've signed up for the campaign tapi lampu mane kah yg patut saya tutup pada waktu itu?..i'll try to convince all my housemates to switch off the light..hee..if the light will be turn off for an hour,it will be sooo dark on that night and we will be able to witness the greatest view on the planet (for me actually)because we can stare at the thousands of stars!

Monday, March 16, 2009

dont move or i'll tut you!

this is my only younger brother that had bring so many dramas in my family,but now he had proved that he can really change to be a better man..
first time i feel very proud of him!
dont move or i'll shoot you!...hehe
*this picture is taken from anti jah's blog...heeee(credit to u)

deeper conversation.....

Is your favourite colour blue?
And do you always tell the truth?
Do you believe in outer space?
I'm learning you
Is your skin as tan as mine?
Does your hair flow side ways?
Did someone take a portion of your heart?
Now I'm learning you

And if you don't mind can you tell me all your hopes & fears
And everything that you believe in
Would you make a difference in the world
I'd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me.... by : yuna

Friday, March 13, 2009

new hobby!!



credited to ikalin because i found this cool website in her blog..peace!!

tagged by haynee

kaki dah basuh,gigi pon dah gosok
apakata kita pergi esok?
psssstt : haynee, aku bg pantun 2 kerat pon bole kan?
sesungguhnya pada waktu ini idea tidak mencurah2..huhu
silalah balas...hahah

Thursday, March 12, 2009

purbakala dari seberang

hanya org tertentu yg memahami tujuan warkah "purbakala" ini di hasilkan : )

.....pagi ini amat menyeksakan buat diri ku ini yang masih lagi dicengkam rasa mengantuk yg amat sarat..namun harus ku gagahkan jua kaki ini melangkah ke kelas kerana telah termaktub bahawa akan diadakan ujian pertama bagi mata pelajaran yg di ajar oleh tuan guru Azam..diriku terasa seperti mahu menyerah sebelum berperang kerana persiapan untuk menghadapi ujian ini hanyalah seperti senipis kulit bawang..aku mula buntu dan celaru memikirkan jawapan yg paling sempurna untuk dicoretkan tetapi malangnya diriku gagal..mengapa harus aku ditempatkan di meja yg paling hadapan? mengapa? sedangkan sahabat2ku yg berada di belakang sedang asyik menjawab kerana mereka tersedia dengan bekalan jawapan yg mengcukupi..aku menoleh kebelakang beberapa kali dan ternyata mereka semua sangat bahagia bersama "makhluk halus" yg dibawa bersama2...oh tidak!..aku harus berani menerima kenyataan hidup ini..biar pun pahit namun akan ku tempuh jua penyeksaan selama 2jam itu,ditambah dengan keadaan yg amat dingin dan separa beku..

...oh kekasih hatiku..dimanakah dikau berada..aku kian parah menanggung segala perasaan ini...kuikuikui...

p/s : this post is credited to ................(haynee tlg sambung..haha)

oni loves the ocean

which one is my lecturer? :p

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The trip!

10 march 2009 :
*we had a trip to Kuantan's port..at first, i thought it will be bOooring..mmg boring sket pon masa ceramah tu..but the tour around the port was superb lah!..ingatkan just pusing2 port sambil tgk kapal2 dan kontena yg byk tu..but actually we were invited to get onto the ship! ade dua kapal kt situ..most of the boys get onto the 1st ship..me and my friends get onto the 2nd ship(which is more excited) haha..ship tu bwk tour sampai dh tgh laut..lame jgk dok bermain2 atas kapal tu..ingatkan dh sampai indon..haha..

with haynee yg cantek+kelakar+fotogenik(ayat br utk panggil die)..
angin sgt lah kuat,so kena amek gamba rapat2 utk menghalang angin :)

family portrait!
sempat gak amek gamba ala2 keluarga bahagia walaupon atas kapal

..kenape norjan ade dlm gamba ni?..hahah
*we left the port around 4pm and went to the "East Coast Mall"..yeay!..but the mall was a bit booring because the entertainment zone is not yet open..cess...last2 kitorang mkn kfc je kat situ..nasib baik xkena tinggal bus sbb org kfc tu sgt lah lembab!..huh..x efficient langsung..dah la org beli wedges tak bg sos..mane ade nikmat nk mkn wedges tu..aiyoh..
*the bus departed from kuantan at 6pm and we were arrived at melaka at 10.30pm..fuh..what a long journey..rasa2 mcm dh bole sampai kedah dah..huhu..semua org dah exhausted!

chocolate indulgence!

the most desired cake of the month!

org inilah yg bertanggungjwb introduce choc indulgence kpd saya..dan dialah jadi mangsa tiap kali rasa teringin nk mkn cake tu..haha..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

innocent girl??

love the words on that shirt!..it's soooo true!..
this shirt is not meant for sale oke..i got this picture from a blog(given by cik hajar)..

Quote of the day!

“When you do the common things in life in an uncommon way,you will command the attention of the world.”
~George Washington Carver~

Geng bus sekolah!

this entry is tribute to Pakcik Man yg baik hati..hehe..pakcik man ni driver bus sekolah yg selalu ditugaskan utk hantar kitorang pegi blk tiap2 hari(in case kalau bus uitm xde)..pakcik ni baik gile..tiap ari mesti die ckp "bdk2 bertuah,pegi belajar rajin2..buku semua jgn tertinggal..lintas jln elok2..nnt ptg pakcik man dtg amek pkol 4.30ptg..bdk2 bertuah semua jgn nakal2"..hehe..terasa mcm anak2 kecil nk pergi sekolah je..semua pon menjawab dgn penuh semangat "baik pakcik!"..

...semalam me+suraya+haynee+tiqah+ika naik bus dari hostel pkol 8mlm sbb nk pegi test..ingatkan ramai org yg ade kelas mlm..rupenye2 dlm bus tu cuma ade kitorang 5org je..haha..pakcik man tunggu je dgn tenang walau pon kitorang lambat(ni sume sbb kedai mkn yg lembab tu)..huhu...rasa mcm teruja gile naik bus kosong..haha..sampai dkt kelas sume org dh tggu..jeng3..mulanya proses utk memerah otak..tapi rasa mcm dh byk ilmu tercicir masa lari terlompat2 ngn haynee tadi..haha..tapi ape2 hal pon kite kne maintain cool..muka kena yakin,pastu kuar paling awal skali..me+suraya+haynee+tiqah dgn yakin nye pegi hantar jwpn..mcm confident je..padahal xtahan sejuk..haha..walau susah mane pon test,yg penting kite kene melangkah bergaya..itu moto hidup buat masa sekarang..haha..

The visitors!

Monday : 020309
to cik syuhadah -> sila ambil gamba ini..xsabar sgt nk gamba aritu :p

che pah + aredah dtg melaka hanya utk buat clearance..kalo x jgn harap nk dtg melawat..huahuahua...(tp che pah mmg org melaka..hee)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

name report

as recommended by my sis > Cik fuza..haha

  • Your first name of Munirah has given you creative ability, imagination along practical lines, and the patience to pay attention to detail for a while.
  • Although you are attracted to technical, mechanical, scientific fields, you lack the patience to follow through with this interest.
  • This name gives a certain amount of practicality to your thinking; but there is also a tendency to scatter your efforts for, although you want system and order and stability in your life, you are too apt to be distracted from the job you are doing and to become involved in spontaneous interests.
  • Although the name Munirah creates the urge to be both logical and technical, we emphasize that it frustrates you through a scattered and emotional nature.
  • This name, when combined with the last name, can frustrate happiness, contentment, and success, as well as cause health weaknesses in the elimination system, liver and bloodstream.

it's over

acara "mendiamkan" diri to the specific person sudah tamat..it just took only one day..hahaha..mane bole lame2...

Monday, March 2, 2009


2.30pm on 1st of March
- started to be silent ( to the specific person only!)

.........we will see how long it will take...................

First of March

saya selaku ketua kumpulan hanya memberi tugas2 kepada org2 dibwh saya..haha..itu yg menarik sepanjang modul hari ini(marker yg dipegang hanyalah sekadar lakonan sahaja) hehe.

berlakon happy walaupon modul sgt membosankan..haha